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As an introvert, it’s not uncommon to feel sad or overwhelmed by social situations. If you have an introverted friend who’s feeling down, it can be hard to know what to say to make them feel better. Here are ten things you can say to an introvert who is feeling sad that won’t make them […]


If you’re an introvert, you already know we sometimes get a bad reputation for being shy, anti-social, or even aloof. But the truth is, being an introvert comes with a whole host of benefits that are often overlooked. In this blog post, I’ll explore some of the surprising benefits of being an introvert. Better Decision-Making […]


As an introvert, you may have found yourself feeling misunderstood by your more outgoing extroverted friends. It’s not that extroverts are bad people or incapable of understanding introverts, but it’s important to acknowledge that there are certain things about introverts that extroverts just don’t quite get. Here are five things that may help explain what […]



As the founder of Introverts Retreat monthly subscription boxes, I have dedicated myself to creating a community for fellow introverts.

I understand the struggles of feeling misunderstood and unseen in a world that often values extroversion. So I created Introverts Retreat, a fun monthly subscription box that helps introverts feel appreciated and celebrated.

Before founding Introverts Retreat, I spent quite a few years writing about nutrition (I have a masters degree in human nutrition), did some freelance medical reporting and co-authored two Dummies books: Superfoods for Dummies and Clinical Anatomy for Dummies.

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