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You're an introvert who needs to spend some time alone to recharge those worn-down social and emotional batteries. But, you're also busy with school or work obligations, family and friends or whatever else you've got going on, and probably neglecting your own self-care. We're here to fix that with one of our exclusive Introverts Retreat subscription boxes. Think of it as a gentle monthly reminder to take care of yourself. 

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Each subscription box features a novel written by a female author plus one of our exclusive Introverts Retreat bookmarks. We offer three subscription options:


The Read Box includes the novel, an Introverts Retreat bookmark, plus a sweet or savory snack and your choice of loose-leaf tea, coffee, or hot cocoa/flavored cappuccino.

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Read and Relax

The Read and Relax Box includes the novel, a bookmark, a full-sized 6-ounce candle and eight ounces of fragrant hand-blended bath salts or bar of hand-made scented soap. Our candles and bath salts feature fun introvert-themed names.

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Read, Relax, and Recharge

The Read, Relax, and Recharge Box has the novel, bookmark, snack and beverage, candle, bath salts or bar of handmade soap, plus one additional bath or body care item. Everything you need for the perfect introverted day.

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“I absolutely LOVE my box! With everything going on in the world this was just what I needed!”

Abigail K.

"I love all the items inside! The candle smells so nice - and the treats are great! I recommend this box.”

Anna-maria W.

"This box is lovely and was a huge hit with my mom! The candle has a cheeky name, but a beautiful scent.”

Colleen K.

I'm in! What do I do next?

1. Choose your box

Choose from three subscription levels and personalize your Introverts Retreat experience by selecting your genre and other box options.

2. We curate your box

We curate your box in our studio in Connecticut and ship it by USPS, usually within 2 to 3 days. Don't like surprise books? Watch your inbox - you'll get instructions for choosing your book for the month.

3. Unbox happiness

Open your Introverts Retreat box and enjoy some quality me-time! Then get ready to re-treat yourself next month. Your subscription renews automatically each month on the same day as your date of purchase and ships shortly thereafter.

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I need to know more ...

Q. What kinds of books do you include in the boxes?
A. We send previously published paperback novels in new/unread condition. They may have remainder marks on the bottoms of the books.

Q. Can I change book genres or my beverage choice?
A. Absolutely - just email us and we'll make the switch for you.

Q. Can I choose a specific book?
A. Two days before we're ready to pack and ship your box, we'll send an email with tracking information and instructions on how to choose one of the books in our collection. If you prefer to be surprised, that's cool too - we'll pick out a book for you.

Q. Can I get a refund if I don't like something in the box?
A. No, we don't refund boxes or accept returns. Part of the experience of subscribing is to get a little surprise each month. If there's something you don't like you could regift it to a friend or donate it.

Q. But what if I hate the book?
A. We know that it’s difficult to match books to everyone’s exact tastes and we try to include a variety of sub-genres. We hope you’ll like each book we send but it’s okay if you don’t - just send us an email with your name and the book title. And let us know why you didn’t like the book and we will send a replacement.

Q. I have another question. Can I call you?
A. Hahahahahahah! No. We're introverts so we wouldn't answer and would just send it to voicemail. 😂

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Your Introverts Retreat box is waiting for you!