No. 1

We have three different types of novels. Our finest novels are new-release trade paperbacks. They're totally brand new and have not been published before. Trade paperbacks are approximately 8 x 5 inches so they're not too big and not too small. It's a great way to find a new author to love or discover a fun and unusual read.

We also carry a wide variety of new mass market novels. They're smaller = about 4.5 by 7 inches and are great to tuck into your purse or bag so you can take your little retreat with you wherever you go. Some of our mass market novels are also new-releases, for example some of the cozy mysteries and romances. are new-releases. Most have been printed before as hard cover or trade paperbacks. We love this size and if you don't choose a novel for your box, we'll pick one of these cuties based on your chosen genres.

Finally, we have our Rescue books. These novels were overstocks somewhere and even though they may not be available in your local Target or bookstore, they're still great books. Most of our Rescue books are trade paperbacks that were published anywhere from a few months to a couple of years ago. They may show a little bit of shelf wear and most have remainder marks on the bottom edges. If you see a Rescue book you love, you're more than welcome to choose one for your next box. Also, if you don't like any book we send, you can take advantage of our Best Book Promise and choose a Rescue book as a replacement, free of charge. Just contact us to get your replacement order started.

No. 2

Our monthly books are the best kind because – drumroll please – you get to pick them! Each month, you’ll get to select from our catalogue of new novels.

Keep an eye out for an email from us to let you know when it's time to choose your book! We’ll bet that’s one communiqué you’ll be happy to receive. You should receive your book selection email within an hour or two of placing your order. Or if you're purchasing a gift, the notification will go to your recipient when they claim their gift!

We'll give you a few days to choose a book then we'll ship your first box. Your subscription will renew each month,  a new book selection notification will be sent and we'll ship soon after.

No. 3

If we have to break up, then we prefer to do it over text. Just kidding – you can cancel your subscription by accessing your account on our website and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have signed up for a multi month commitment plan you will still be charged for--and receive--the remaining boxes if you cancel before the end of your commitment term. 
P.S. We’ll miss you.

No. 4

Yes, you can – we want you to be happy – but you'll need to act fast. Once we ship your box, it will be too late to give you a refund for that box. We send you pre-renewal notifications so there are no surprises as to when your next box will ship, so be sure to cancel before you next renewal or ship date.

No. 5

Yes, we’ll send you emails reminding you of when your subscription is set to renew and also when your box is ready to be shipped out.

No. 6

We ship our monthly books and retreat kits all around the US, including Alaska, Hawaii, and military bases. 

No. 7

Our monthly boxes are the best gifts for book lovers for birthdays, holidays, and any day. Plus, because Introverts Retreat Box is a little slice of spa heaven delivered each month, our boxes make great gift boxes for women on Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, her birthday – shoot... really any occasion or just to say, “I see you, I love you, now go enjoy some time away.” So we offer gift subscriptions for one box or 3, 6 or 12 months.

No. 8

We include sweet, artisan snacks in our monthly book + retreat boxes. We love to send chocolate, but only from October through May. The rest of year's treats may not be chocolaty - but still are delicious. We can accommodate dietary concerns as well - please email us at

No. 9

Because our boxes contain consumable items, we cannot accept returns. However, we’re happy to replace a book that you don’t like – that’s our Best Book Promise – and we’ll also replace any damaged items. If there's anything you don't like in the box, consider using it as a gift for someone you like (or don’t!).

No. 10

You can find your account info on 

No. 11

Remember where you are, honey. This is Introverts Retreat Box. We’re introverts, so all phone calls go straight to voicemail. Email is the best (and only) way to reach us. Send us a lovely message at

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