for the introvert in your life

Give the introvert in your life the ultimate gift — alone time.

If you have a loved one who rejoices at canceled plans, hates family reunions, and much prefers one-on-one time to large crowds, then you’ve got an introvert on your hands.

Introverts Retreat Box is the perfect gift for readers and introverts (which are often one and the same!). Each book subscription box provides everything your introvert needs to rest and recharge.

Choose between two thoughtful options: set up a customized gift subscription tailored to your recipient's preferences, or opt for a flexible gift certificate that lets them personalize their experience from start to finish. Give the gift of relaxation and literary adventure today!

The Perfect Gift

Choose an amount
from $60 and up


Gift Certificate

$49.99 per month + shipping
Renews and bills monthly
for your chosen duration

Gift Subscription


With a gift subscription, you'll be billed monthly for the duration of your chosen plan, ensuring a steady stream of relaxation and literary adventure.

Alternatively, gift certificates can be purchased in various amounts and are paid in full at the time of purchase, offering a convenient and customizable option.

No matter which route you choose, your thoughtful gift will surely delight the introvert in your life.

Give a Retreat