The Girl I Used to Be

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By Mary Torjussen

The morning after real estate agent Gemma Brogan has dinner with a prospective client, she's furious at herself for drinking so much. But there will be more to regret than a nasty hangover.

She starts receiving mementos from that night: A photo of a hallway kiss. A video of her complaining about her husband. And worse...much worse. The problem is she doesn't remember any of it.

As the blackmailing and menace ramp up, Gemma fears for her already shaky marriage. The paranoia, the feeling that her life is spiraling out of control, will take her back to another night--years ago--that changed everything. And Gemma will realize just how far the shadows from her past can reach.

ISBN: 9780399585036

Publishing Date: 4/17/2018 by Berkley Publishing Group

Mystery/Thriller Fiction

368 Pages

The Girl I Used to Be - Introverts Retreat