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August 2019
August 2019
August 2019

August 2019



The August 2019 box featured the novel Life After Life by Jill McCorkle plus one of our exclusive Introverts Retreat bookmarks.


Crossword Puzzle Book
I’ve included Commuter Easy Crosswords in this box to get your brain cells going and since it’s small, you can take it with you (I’m a big fan of things you can carry with you so when too many people are hovering around, you can focus on something else, like this puzzle book). 

Mechanical Pencil
A beautiful dark blue mechanical pencil just for introverts. Each pencil comes loaded with .5 mm lead. Press the top plunger to advance the lead, or hold it down to be able to push the lead back into the pencil. The top plunger is also removable to expose an eraser.

Beach Bead Necklace
Tucked inside the little blue velvet bag is a cute necklace created by O Yeah Gifts ( A reminder that even the tiniest things are a beautiful gift to the world. The Beach Bead Necklace is simple and sweet. It’s lead and nickel free, 

Carrot & Honey Mix Me - Dry Powder Face Masque
Summer can be rough on your skin, so take some time for yourself and relax with this soothing mask by Indigo Bath and Body ( Each Mix Me Masque is enough for about 2-3 masques. Mix with the liquid of your choice, yogurt, tea, honey, or water. Perfect for pampering yourself.

Lavender Goat Milk Soap
Created by Free Reign Farm ( Let this scent sweep you into the pleasure of a moonlit walk.  This soap also has a rich color and striking swirls. Add the naturally soothing properties of Alkanet Root and pure Lavender Essential Oil and you are sure to fall in love with this amazing lavender goat milk soap.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mini Cookies
There's nothing better than rich chocolate cookies with a creamy peanut-butter filling. Literally, nothing. Rainbows? Kittens? A child's smile? No, no and no. Nothing.