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Kids Like Us

Introverts Retreat

By Hilary Reyl

Diagnosed with autism as a child, Martin has grown used to seeing the world differently from other people. Back home in Los Angeles, he attends a special school for kids on the spectrum, kids like him. He's never really mixed with neurotypical students until his mother enrolls him in the local high school's summer session while she directs a movie on location in a rural French town.

As school gets underway, Martin thinks he's fitting in and making friends. For the first time, he falls in love with a girl. She appears to him to be a character magically come to life from his favorite book. but Martin's idealized bubble pops with deafening sadness when he realizes his new friends, and even his beloved, may not be genuine, just attracted by the Hollywood glamour his family represents. Will Martin ever connect? How can an outsider kid like him find a way in and still remain true to himself?

ISBN: 9781250180698

Publishing date: 11/13/2018 by Square Fish

Young Adult Fiction

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