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June 2019
June 2019
June 2019
June 2019

June 2019



The June Introverts Retreat box featured the novel Children’s Crusade by Ann Packer plus one of our exclusive Introverts Retreat bookmarks. 


Mythic Creatures Postcards
This fascinating postcard book comes from the American Museum and Natural History. It’s perfect for sending a note to a friend (and thus avoiding a phone call and/or eye contact) or for your own use.

Peanut Butter Cookie and Hot Chocolate Mix
Grandma's Peanut butter cookies and chocolate go so well together. NUMO hot chocolate is amazing and easy to prepare with hot water.

ID/Card Wallet
Ever been in cashier line and had to dig for your cards and feel like everyone staring at you? No more! Keep your card info handy in this pocket or purse sized aluminum card holder.

Lavender Sea Salts
Perfect for a soothing warm fragrant bath! Made with Pacific Sea salt and lavender essential oils..

Jade Facial Roller

Using a jade facial roller is a nice way to reduce tension and the cool stone feels so good on a hot day.