Foxlowe - Introverts Retreat


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By Eleanor Wasserberg

We were the Family. Foxlowe was our home. Why would anyone want to leave?

Don't go outside. Don't let the bad in. These are the rules of the secluded commune where a ragtag group lives under the watchful eye of their leader, Freya - safe as long as they follow her rules and perform her rituals. For Green, the youngest, it's not just home, but everything she knows.

Free to spend most days roaming the orchards and fields, she still can't escape the darkness that shadows this seeming idyll. When the arrival of a baby girl named Blue upsets the precarious order at Foxlowe, Green comes to face an agonizing choice. Blue's interest in the Outside grows irrepressible, and before long she starts to talk about becoming a Leaver. 

ISBN: 9780143111856

Publishing Date: 4/4/2017 by Penguin Books

General Fiction

312 Pages

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