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May 2019
May 2019
May 2019
May 2019
May 2019

May 2019



The May 2019 box featured the novel Hello Sunshine by Laura Dave plus one of our exclusive Introverts Retreat bookmarks.


Astura Faves Travel Set
This handy travel bag includes: 1 oz. Magnesium Oil Spray to soothe sore muscles; 2 oz. Detox & Slim Down Bath Salts to wind down; 1 oz. lavender chamomile Aromatherapy Mist to sleep easy; plus two sachets of magnesium cream. It’s super convenient for travel, and even if you never leave town, these products are great for pampering and soothing yourself. 

Sahale Snacks
Sahale is one of our favorite brands of savory snacks. The May box included one awesomely delicious single-serving bag inside this box.

Magnolia Scented Incense and Soapstone Burner
Candles are great, of course, but sometimes it’s fun to burn a little incense, so in this box, we packed a box of Magnolia scented incense and a small soapstone burner.

Gold Collagen Under-Eye Masks
Take a little time for yourself and spend 20 minutes or so relaxing with these gold under-eye masks. You’ll feel refreshed and bright-eyed for the rest of the day.

Dream Pocket Book of Coloring
How about taking time for a little relaxing and creative activity? This coloring book has lots of pages to color anyway you see fit - with lots of colors or just a few. Each design will be uniquely yours. We’ve also included a box of colored pencils to get you started, although sharp crayons will work just as well, if you prefer.