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The Introverts Retreat Story

Hi! My name is Shereen Jegtvig Lehman and I'm the beauty, er, I mean the brains behind Introverts Retreat. Let  me share our story with you.

We're a small woman-owned family business

Introverts Retreat got its start in early 2017 when my business partner (and daughter), Kendyl, suggested I start a subscription box. She had recently begun a subscription box company called Fearless Nail Art and we both thought it would be fun to manage our own companies. 

In the beginning it was called A Girl's Night In

I thought it was a fine name for a subscription box specifically curated for introverted women. I mean, it made sense to me at the time, but about three months into the process, I realized that some people saw it as A Girls' Night In and thought it was a party box for ladies night get-togethers. Oops - that was literally an ironic thing right there.

While a night at home with a gaggle of girlfriends sounds great to some people, to an introvert like me, it sounds kind of terrifying, so I decided to change the name to Introverts Retreat.

What you can expect from Introverts Retreat

My team and I put our hearts into each box and mailer. Since I'm the most introverted of the bunch, I get the final say on the products we choose. We work hard to find great books, the best bath and body care products, tasty treats and more. 

Introverts Retreat is growing and we have some exciting things in store. For example, starting in August of 2019, we're going to include a monthly magazine that will be fun to read and informational on its own, and it will correlate with the items in the box. How cool is that?

What's with the blue cat?

Tove (pronounced kinda like two-veh) is our logo and introverted mascot cat that you see all over our website, on our boxes and in our Instagram and Facebook feeds. 

Introverted Tove joined Introverts Retreat in July 2018. Before then we had a simple, sensible, and boring logo that I designed myself on Canva. John, my  son and professional graphic designer, felt a cat would be a good symbol for an introvert and he also thought having a book was important as well. I was little unsure of the color at first, since I tend to prefer dusty muted colors, but hey, John's the graphic designer so I trusted him.

Now, I can't really imagine her being any other color.

That's Our Story

Thanks for taking the time to read about Introverts Retreat. If you need to know anything else, feel free to contact us. We're always looking for products to add to our boxes so if you want to partner with us - just give us a shout!