Give the introvert in your life the ultimate gift — alone time. 
If you have a loved one who rejoices at canceled plans, hates family reunions, and much prefers one-on-one time to large crowds, then you’ve got an introvert on your hands. 
Introverts Retreat Box is the perfect gift for readers and introverts (which are often one and the same!). Each book subscription box provides everything your introvert needs to rest and recharge.

for the introvert in your life

The Perfect Gift

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Choose a single box or a longer term subscription. You can customize the first box with an extra gift or two. Gift subscriptions do not renew.

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Add your lucky recipient's email and a gift message during checkout and within 24 hours we'll notify your recipient about the gift and send them instructions for choosing a book.

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Your gift box will ship in about four days, after your recipient has had ample time to choose a book. Any subsequent boxes will ship about the same time each month.

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Does not renew.

$41.99 + Shipping

A Single Retreat

Give a Retreat

$40.99 per month plus shipping.
Does not renew.

$122.97 + shipping

3 Month Retreat

$37.99 per month plus shipping.
Does not renew.

$227.94 + Shipping

6 Month Retreat

$34.99 per month plus shipping.
Does not renew. 

best value!


$419.88 + shipping

12 Month Retreat

Pick a book subscription for that lucky introvert.

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keagan m.

Highly Recommended

Kendal m.

I love the scents that were included in the box. the candle smells so good, and i can tell that the soap and bath salts will be amazing. I ate the popcorn as soon as i opened the box and it was a great snack for starting the book.

Perfect first box

I got this as a gift and it’s perfect! The best way to spend a night in is with a good book, candle and bath salt soaks. Just what I needed to reset!