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September 2019
September 2019
September 2019
September 2019

September 2019



This month you'll find the novel Amour Provence by Constance Leisure plus one of our exclusive Introverts Retreat bookmarks. Amour Provence, a lush, evocative, debut novel set in Provence about the people who grow up and live and remain in two tiny neighboring villages - from the Nazi occupation to the present day - in particular, one man and one woman who have yet to find love.

The September Introverts Retreat box also includes:

Floral Sachet
The floral sachet is perfect for adding fragrance to a closet or drawer, or it can be used to add fragrance to a room. These sachets are made with Dead Sea salt and fragrance oil, and if you’d like they can be used for a soothing bath just like bath salts. Each sachet has two bags inside - no need to untie them - just toss them right into your bathwater. The outer floral bag is reusable too.

Coffee from JavAroma Roasters
This dark roast blend showcases the dark, cocoa and toffee notes. It is then balanced with moderate acidity to finish off that gives a satisfying, yet rich cup of coffee. 

Two Facial Sheet Masks
Super soothing facial masks - take a twenty-minute break to take a little nap. Wake up with glowing beautiful skin.

Mini Journal and Pen
A small pocket-sized journal that’s perfect for writing notes or to focus on while you’re around other people and don’t want to make eye-contact. The pen is one of our special introvert-pens.

Cotton Mesh Tote Bag
Keep this bag handy for carrying a book, bottle of water and some snacks for when you need a day to yourself but you want to get out of the house. Also good as a reusable and washable shopping bag.

Whipped Sugar Scrub
It’s a scrub, cleanser, and moisturizer all in one! Made by Butter Depot with skin-loving natural ingredients and tantalizing fragrances! The organic sugar gently polishes and softens your skin and the bubbly lather will shock you when you use it with a bath poof! Gentle enough for everyday use!

Scented Bath Bomb
A lovely fragrant bath bomb made with sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, kaolin clay, Dead Sea salt, shea butter, jojoba oil, essential oils and fragrance oils. Add to your warm bath for ultimate relaxation.

Under Eye Masks
A wonderful way to rejuvenate and refresh - just place the masks under your eyes and relax for about 20 minutes.