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Ultimate Present Under the Tree Gift Box


The Ultimate Present Under the Tree gift box comes with 3 4-ounce soy candles hand-poured by Kendyl at While Squirrel Company, a novel in your choice of genre, an exclusive Introverts Retreat bookmark, 6 ounces of fizzy bath salt, and our fan-favorite mini Calming Coloring Kit.

The Cinnamon and Vanilla scent is a classic holiday fragrance! It's a mouthwatering scent that will evoke the excitement of the holiday season. 

The Christmas Hearth scent will make you feel like it's Christmas Eve with hints of orange, fir, pine, and smokiness from a crackling fireplace. 

And last, but not least, the Maple Bourbon scent is a new take on the traditional apple spice fragrance - bourbon and maple with a hint of apple. You'll also note a touch of butter and vanilla. This candle will fill your home with a warm and cozy fragrance.

The Fizzy Bath Salt combines the soothing softness of sea salt mixed with the coziness of bubbles! It's made with the traditionally calming scents of lavender, ylang-ylang, and eucalyptus essential oils.

Our Calming Coloring Kit has everything you need to color, plus it's convenient and portable. You can tuck it away in your nightstand or keep it in your purse. It comes with a set of 10 coloring pencils and 30 coloring cards.