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Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance

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By Ruth Emmie Lang

Born in a blizzard, orphaned, and believed to be raised by wolves, Weylyn Grey is someone who inspires endless curiosity in everyone he’s ever met. People say that once Weylyn wanders into your world, you’ll wish he’d never leave. But what makes him different? How does he possess the ability to transform others’ lives?

How does he manage to find - and create - magic in the ordinary? This is the story of Weylyn’s journey, told from the perspective of those who knew him, loved him, or were bewildered by him along the way. In this stunning and deeply imaginative debut, author Ruth Emmie Lang introduces us to a character who will live in readers’ hearts long after the last page is turned.

ISBN: 9781250306661

Publishing Date: 5/15/2018 by St. Martin's Griffin

Fantasy Fiction

346 Pages