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A Little Bit About Me, Tove, and Introverts Retreat

by Shereen Jegtvig |

Hi! My name is Shereen Jegtvig Lehman and I'm the beauty, er, I mean the brains behind Introverts Retreat. Tove (pronounced kinda like two-veh) is our logo and mascot cat that you see all over our website and on our boxes. She's the adorable creation of John Reis, who is my graphic designer and also just happens to be my son.

I thought it might be fun to add a blog to our site so that potential and current subscribers could get to know us a bit better without actually talking to us (you know how us introverts are). So, welcome to my first blog post. 

Introverts Retreat is a small woman-owned family business that got its start about two years ago when my partner (and daughter), Kendyl, suggested I start a subscription box. She had recently begun a subscription box company called Fearless Nail Art and we both thought it would be fun to manage our own companies. 

In the beginning, the company was called A Girl's Night In, which I thought was a fine name for a subscription box specifically curated for introverted women. I mean, it made sense to me at the time, but about 3 months into the process, I realized that some people saw it as A Girls' Night In and thought it was a party box for ladies night get togethers. Oops - literally ironic thing right there.

While a night at home with a gaggle of girlfriends sounds great to some people, to an introvert like me, it sounds kind of terrifying, so I decided to change the name to Introverts Retreat. Changing the name and rebranding was a little scary, but I think the result is perfect. Plus it gave me the rare opportunity to use the words "literally ironic" correctly. 

So, fast forward to today. Introverts Retreat has gone from a little hobby business to one that's supporting itself and growing nicely. This blog will focus on what we do with Introverts Retreat and why we do it - how we choose our products, some of the stuff that goes into packing and shipping the boxes, and a little bit about the business in general. 

Stay tuned.....


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