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Behind the Box Blog

by Shereen Jegtvig •


Tove the Blue Cat

Introverted Tove joined Introverts Retreat last July. Before then we had a simple, sensible and boring logo that I designed myself on Canva. John, my graphic designer, felt a cat would be a good symbol for an introvert and he also thought having a book was important as well. I was little unsure of the color at first, since I tend to prefer dusty muted colors, but hey, John's the graphic designer so I trusted him. Now, I can't really imagine her being any other color. Tove went through a few iterations and design changes and John finished the logo and designed the boxes that we ship every month. Then one day last fall, I found a company called Budsies, which makes plushies from drawings. I thought it would be fun to bring Tove into the 3-dimensional world so I placed the order and our fuzzy blue kitty officially joined the real world. So what's in store for Tove? Look for her in more photos on social media and I'd like to build her up on Twitter and give her a big Twitter presence. But for now my focus is on Facebook and Instagram so her main job is get hugs from me. :)